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ShiftMed partnered with Hooray Health to offer Healthcare Professionals affordable, quality coverage plans! Plan Offerings include several Medical, Dental, Vision, Short-Term Disability, and Life Insurance options.


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To speak with a Benefits Advisor, please call 855-479-4008 or send us a message in the Contact Us tab.

Hooray Health Plans provide limited essential accident and sickness coverage and are not a substitute for major medical insurance. For a low premium, we provide no deductible coverage for basic health care services, such as Physician visits, Lab, X-Rays and Accidents. A MEC Plan is bundled for preventive services 100% covered by using the First Health Network.



Why Hooray Health?

Reliable healthcare doesn’t have to break the bank. With Hooray, you get the care you need—when you need it!
  • $25 Copay for any Hooray Health Network Retail Clinic and Urgent Care Center (services like Labs and X-rays included)
  • The Hooray Health network includes national brands you know and trust such as PrimaCare, Concentra, CVS Minute Clinic, Walmart, etc.
  • No surprise medical bills following your visit*
  • No deductibles to meet
  • No claims to file
  • Inpatient and outpatient accident benefits
    ($5,000 Per Accident)
  • $0 telemedicine consults
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Hooray Health Network night and weekend facilities available

Watch our quick intro video to learn more! Watch in Spanish

Watch our quick video on how to use Hooray Health!  Watch in Spanish

As the costs of medical services continue to soar—
can you afford NOT to have coverage?

ShiftMed has partnered with Hooray Health to provide you with access to affordable, quality healthcare that also protects you from excessive out-of-pocket expenses if you get sick or injured. For as little as $20.50 per week, you can rest assured knowing  you have coverage for accidents and everyday illnesses should the unexpected occur.

If you miss your chance to enroll during Open Enrollment,  you won’t have another opportunity until this time next year. After Open Enrollment ends, only employees that are new hires, had an employment status change or had a qualifying life event may enroll.

To speak with a Benefits Advisor, please call 855-479-4008 or send us a message in the Contact Us tab.

Hooray Health Plan Options

Your Hooray Health medical plan can cover you, your spouse, your kids, or your entire family.
Choose from two simple-to-understand plan options:


$5,000 + MEC

$20.50 / week

  • Policy Year Maximum of $5,000
  • Plus, additional Accident Benefit ($5,000 Per Accident)
  • $0 Telemedicine consults 24/7
  • $25 Copay Visits at Hooray Health Network Retail Clinic and Urgent Care Centers with No Balance Billing*
  • Physician Office Visits at First Health or Out of Network Provider
  • Imaging/Lab coverage (outpatient)
  • Surgery Benefits (outpatient)
  • Inpatient Hospitalization
  • Accidental Death
  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plan
    • ACA Preventive Services 100% covered through First Health Network
  • Discount Prescriptions
  • Discount Radiology
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Hooray Health Advantage MAX $5,000 + MEC Plan Details


  • Policy Year Maximum of $5,000 (Plus Accident Expense of $5,000 Per Accident)
  • Outpatient Sick Visit Benefits: Retail Clinic & Urgent Care Visits
    • Hooray Health Network includes Office Visit + In-House lab test, X-Rays, etc.; only $25 copay, no balance bills*
    • Urgent Care or Retail Clinic Office Visits (First Health Network at discounted rates** or Out-of-Network Provider***); Plan pays $175 per day
    • Outpatient Physician Office Visits; $75 per day
  • Imaging & Laboratory Test
    • Diagnostic Laboratory benefit; $50 per day
    • Diagnostic X-Ray benefit; $50 per day
    • Diagnostic Exam; $100 per day
  • Outpatient Surgery Benefits
    • ASC or Hospital Benefit; $125 per day
    • Anesthesia Benefit; $75 per day
  • Accident Benefit
    • Up to $5,000 per year; $0 deductible
  • Accidental Death Coverage
    • Principal Sum: $1,000
  • Inpatient Hospital
    • Hospital Admission Benefit; $100 per day x 1 per year
    • In-Hospital Indemnity Benefit; $100 per day
    • Hospital ICU Confinement Benefit; $100 per day
    • Mental Illness Confinement Benefit; $100 per day
    • Substance Abuse Confinement Benefit; $100 per day
    • Surgery Benefit (Maternity Included); $100 per day x 1 per year
    • Anesthesia Benefit; $75 per day x 1 per year
  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Included


  • Telemedicine (Recuro)
    • $0 consult; unlimited visits
  • Discount Prescription | Scriptsave WellRx
    • Unlimited prescription discounts
  • Discount Radiology | Green Imaging
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Member Only


/ week

Member + Spouse


/ week

Member + Children


/ week



/ week

(1)The services described are not insurance and are not provided by Zurich American Insurance Company.
* There is a $25 copay only for sickness visits performed at a Hooray Health’s in-network provider. Copay does not apply to wellness benefit.
**First Health Network contracted providers can be found at Discounted rates will be applied after services are rendered at physician’s office through the Third Party
Administrator. Member will be responsible for any payment balance above the plan payment of $175. Please see plan policy for details.
***Out-of-Network provider visits are paid $175 per the plan policy. Member will be responsible for any payment balance above the plan payment of $175. Please see plan policy for details.
Pre-existing condition limitations: 12 month treatment period/12 month limitation period. The insurance company will not pay for inpatient & outpatient benefits for any pre-existing condition. A pre-existing condition is a condition for which medical treatment was rendered or recommended by a Doctor within 12 months prior to a Covered Person’s Individual Effective Date. A condition shall no longer be considered a Pre-Existing Condition after the date a person has been covered under this policy for 12 consecutive months. There is a 10 month pregnancy limitation period.
Enrollment Ages for the standard Advantage plan is age range 18-85. For association business for the Advantage plan, the age range is 18-64
The Insurance benefits described above are underwritten by Zurich American Insurance Company, 1299 Zurich Way, Schaumburg, IL 60196, 1-800-987-3373. This document provides a general description of certain provisions and features of this insurance program and does not revise or amend the applicable policies. In the event of a discrepancy between this document and your certificate of insurance or the group policy, the terms of the group policy shall apply. All benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the group policy. Please refer to your Certificate of Insurance for a detailed description of the insurance coverage, including the exclusions, limitations, reductions and termination.
Coverage may not be available in all states or certain terms, conditions and exclusions may be different where required by state law. This insurance provides limited benefits. Limited benefits plans are insurance products with reduced benefits and are not intended to be an alternative, it is intended to help supplement Comprehensive coverage. This insurance does not provide major medical or comprehensive medical coverage and is not designed to replace major medical insurance. Further, this insurance is not minimum essential benefits as set forth under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Hooray Health Plans provide limited essential accident and sickness coverage and are not a substitute for major medical insurance.



$410.94 / month

  • $0 Deductible
  • Max Out of Pocket $5,000 (Individual)/ $10,000 (Family)
  • Preventive & Wellness (non-hospital based) Included
  • In-patient and out-patient hospitalization benefits
  • Pharmacy Benefits
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Hooray Health Minimum Value Plan (MVP) Plus Plan Details

    • Preventive, Physician & Diagnostic Service
      • Preventive & Wellness (Non-Hospital Based); Included
      • Primary Care Office Visit (Non-Hospital Based); $15 Copay (10 visits per plan year)
      • Specialist Office Visit (Non-Hospital Based) (Includes Mental and Behavioral Health); $25 Copay (10 visits per plan year)
      • Urgent Care; $35 Copay (3 visits per plan year)
      • Telemedicine; $0 Copay (Unlimited)
      • Laboratory Services & Radiology (Non-Hospital Based); $50 Copay (3 visits per plan year)
      • CT / MRI / MRA / PET Scan (Non-Hospital Based) (Prior Auth. Required); $350 Copay1 (2 per plan year)
      • Allergy Services; $25 Copay (Included in PCP or Specialist Office visit limits but separate copay.)
    • Hospital & Facility Services (Subject To Referenced Based Pricing)
      • Inpatient Hospitalization (Prior Auth. Required); $3501 Copay per Admission (7 days per plan year)
      • Inpatient Visits – Physician; Included in Hospitalization Copay
      • Inpatient Surgery (Prior Auth. Required); Included in Hospitalization Copay (3 surgeries per plan year)
      • Outpatient Hospital or Free-Standing Facility Services and Surgery (Prior Auth. Required); $350 Copay1 (2 visits per plan year)
      • Anesthesia; Included in Hospitalization or OP Hospital or FSF Services and Surgery Copay (3 IP and 2 OP per plan year)
      • Emergency Room; 350 Copay1 (1 visit per plan year)
      • Ambulance Service (Ground Services Only); $250 Copay1 (1 per plan year)
      • Second Surgical Opinion; $0 Copay
    • Pregnancy Benefits
      • Professional Services; $350 Copay
      • Maternity / Childbirth / Delivery (Considered Inpatient Hospital Stay) (Prior Auth. Required); $350 Copay per Admission1
    • Other Services
      • Home Health Care (Prior Auth. Required); $25 Copay (15 visits per plan year)
      • Treatment for Chemical Abuse & Dependency – Inpatient (Prior Auth. Required); $250 Copay per Day1 (7 days per plan year)
      • Treatment for Chemical Abuse & Dependency – Outpatient (Prior Auth. Required); $25 Copay per Day (7 days per plan year)
    • Participating Pharmacy Benefits (Subject To Formulary)
      • Preventive (Generic Only); $0 Copay
      • Non-Preventive (Retail); $5 Copay (Generic); $40 Copay (Preferred Brand); $80 Copay (Non-Pref. Brand)
      • Non-Preventive (Mail Order); $15 Copay (Generic); $120 Copay (Preferred Brand); $240 Copay (Non-Preferred Brand)
      • Non-Limited Brand, & Specialty Drugs; Not Covered 100% paid by Member
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Member Only


/ week

Member + Spouse


/ week

Member + Children


/ week



/ week

Enrollment ends on October 21st!

Speak with a Benefits Advisor at 855-479-4008 or send us a message in the Contact Us tab!

Please note: This plan does not provide comprehensive medical coverage and is not intended to replace a major medical plan.


Please Enroll through your Custom Enrollment Link sent to your email from

You may also call 855-479-4008 to enroll!

It’s All in the App!

Where do I go to access care?

Hooray Health members have easy access to care where and when you need it. When needs exceed beyond the reach of telemedicine, the Hooray Health Network of Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers are available. Visits to Hooray Health Network locations will only cost you a $25 copay, with no balance bills*. If a specialist or primary care physician is needed, the First Health Network provides discounted rates for services at those and other medical providers. If a provider is not in the Hooray Health or First Health Network, feel free to use them, but no discounts apply.


Doctors can be hard to reach, illnesses can occur in the middle of the night, and sometimes you just have a question. In all those circumstances – and many more – telemedicine is a convenient and affordable solution.

Retail Clinics | Hooray Health Network

Retail Clinics (ie. CVS MinuteClinic) are located within retail stores and provide services to treat minor, uncomplicated illnesses and injuries, such as fevers, colds, rashes, bumps, and scrapes.

Urgent Care Centers | Hooray Health Network

Urgent Care Centers provide services similar to what you will find at your primary care provider, such as x-rays, physicals, etc. They save you the trouble of working around your doctor’s schedule.

First Health Network

The First Health Nationwide Network is available if you need a specialist or a primary care provider. If you have an illness or an accident that requires more than urgent care or retail medical clinic, the First Health Network providers have contracted rates for inpatient and outpatient services. Contracted rates mean lower rates you’ll pay out of pocket.  

Supplemental Plan Options

Hooray Health partners with A+ rated carriers to provide supplemental coverage for you, your spouse, your kids, or your entire family.
Learn more about these great supplemental plan options:


$5.03 / week

  • Reimbursement
  • Individual & Family Yearly Deductibles
  • $750 Yearly Maximum
  • In/Out of Network

$2.16 / week

  • Reimbursement
  • Eye Examination
  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Retinal Imaging
  • Materials / Eyewear
  • Standard Corrective Lenses

$0.61 / week

  • Active Full Time Employee (30 Hours)
  • Spouse Benefit
  • Child Benefit

$4.78 / week

  • Weekly Benefits
  • Elimination Period
  • Rehabilitation Incentives

View the ShiftMed Plan Overview for more details.

To speak with a Benefits Advisor, please call 855-479-4008 or send us a message in the Contact Us tab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A member will pay a $25 copay for a visit to a retail clinic or urgent care center that is in the Hooray Health network. The member will not receive a balance bill or additional charges for covered procedures at in-network providers.  

Hooray Health has an unlimited telemedicine service available to members 24/7/365 and has a $0 consult fee every time. Members can speak to a physician at their convenience, and if needed, their prescriptions can be called into a pharmacy of their choice.  

Hooray Health offers $0 Telemedicine & only a $25 copay to a national network of Urgent cares & Retail Clinic. We cover accidents and illnesses along with discounts on prescription drugs. We aren’t a comprehensive medical plan, with a high deductible, that has extensive coverage for serious medical conditions. Many people think we are just the right amount of coverage for them!

Prescription discounts can be utilized at thousands of pharmacies across the country and can be located using the Hooray Health App.  

Providers can be found using the “Provider Look-Up” feature on the Hooray Health App or by contacting our medical concierge.  

Search “Hooray Health” on the Apple App Storeor Google Play Store 

If your Company is offering Advantage plans, the Hooray Health plans are available to anyone between 18-84 years old. If Select plans are offered, the age limitations are 18-64

Cancellation of coverage must comply in accordance with the guidelines of your Section 125 plan. Cancellation is accepted in the following circumstances: If you are in your new hire/rehire eligibility window, if you have a Qualifying Life Event, or during your employer's open enrollment period.

*No balance bills apply for covered services with contracted Hooray Health Network Providers. Network restrictions may apply in some states.
Hooray Health Plans provide limited essential accident and sickness coverage and are not a substitute for major medical insurance.

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